If you want to update your visual merchandising but don't have the time, let VM Works take care of your installations for you! Because every small business has different opportunities and resources, there is no "one-size-fits-all" answer to visual merchandising. VM Works offers free estimates and customized solutions. Whenever possible, a conscious effort is made to design displays that incorporate the store's existing props and repurpose locally sourced materials. 


Upgrade Your Booth Display

Selling at a farmer's market or craft fair is sometimes even more difficult than maintaining an entire store. It requires an added level of organization and efficiency to haul your product to the location, set up the displays, keep the extra stock hidden, attend to customers, and magically pack everything up to fit in your car. Add branding, signage, packaging, and finding ways to engage your customers into the mix and it simply becomes overwhelming! Let VM Works give you a hand by creating an attractive display that is captivating to your target customer and labor-saving for you!

Refresh Your Window Display

When was the last time you stood across the street from your shop and observed people as they walked past your window display? Most independent retailers don't have the time to do that let alone analyze which products should be highlighted and evaluate what would lure more customers into the store. Windows are valuable real estate that can drastically increase store sales. Let VM Works design an installation for your store that speaks to your target audience and maximizes your windows to its full potential.  


Enhance Your In-Store Visual Merchandising

First impressions are extremely important. According to America's Research Group, a customer decides whether or not they will continue to shop a store within seven seconds of entering. Top culprits that lead to a quick exit include: having a store that is "too packed", "unorganized", and "filthy". Making sure that customers can safely shop between fixtures and find the merchandise they're looking for is a start. Creating engaging store displays and paying attention to branding, signage, and lighting will take your business to the next level. Let VM Works merchandise your store to ensure that your customers shop longer and buy more!

How the installation process works

Step 1

Choose which installation project your business needs and reach out to VM Works 

Step 2

VM Works will set up an initial meeting with you to discuss the project, your sales goals, merchandising concerns, and budget limitations. If applicable, measurements and "before" photos will be taken.

Step 3

VM Works will create a design within those parameters and provide you with a quote detailing expected labor and materials costs. If applicable, a mockup or rendering will also be provided.

Step 4

VM Works incorporates your feedback into the proposal until you approve the final design and quote.  

Step 5

VM Works will schedule the installation date, procure materials, and create props. Depending on the scale of the project, a 50% materials deposit may be requested prior to procurement. If for any reason the cost of materials exceeds the quote, VM Works will reach out to you for approval.

Step 6

VM Works completes the installation and takes photos.

Step 7

VM Works will e-mail you a final invoice which you can pay online or via check.  

Step 8

Once payment is received, VM Works will e-mail you a receipt confirmation. Keep your receipt because VM Works' services are tax-deductible!  

Get started today by contacting VM Works!