If you have the time and the team to implement floor moves, you're in luck! VM Works can guide and supply you with fresh visual merchandising ideas so your crew can take action! 

VM Works understands that most small business owners don't have a giant budget set aside for visual merchandising. Luckily, consultations are tax deductible! In addition, a conscious effort is made to design displays that incorporate the store's existing props and repurpose locally sourced materials whenever possible. 

Choose among the consultation services provided to find what works best for your small business.


Visual Merchandising Store Report

Find out if your store is missing sales opportunities by hiring VM Works to complete a visual merchandising walk-through. It can be helpful to have a fresh set of eyes to provide objective feedback.  Receive a report noting which areas are done well and why, which areas can be improved and why, and suggestions on the top two VM priorities for your location.  


Private Booth Display Consultation

Selling at a farmer's market or craft fair is sometimes even more difficult than maintaining an entire store. It requires an added level of organization and efficiency to haul your product to the location, set up the displays, keep the extra stock hidden, attend to customers, and magically pack everything up to fit in your car. Add branding, signage, packaging, and finding ways to engage your customers into the mix and it simply becomes overwhelming! VM Works can guide you to create an attractive display that is captivating to your target customer and labor-saving for you!


Window Display Design Mockups

Windows are valuable real estate that can drastically increase sales. Let VM Works design an installation for your store that speaks to your target audience and maximizes your windows to their full potential. Receive a detailed window display mockup and installation instructions for your team to follow. (VM Works can also source and deliver props and materials to your location as an additional service.)


In-Store Visual Merchandising Consultation

First impressions are extremely important. According to America's Research Group, a customer decides whether or not they will continue to shop a store within seven seconds of entering. Top culprits that lead to a quick exit include: having a store that is "too packed", "unorganized", and "filthy". Making sure that customers can safely shop between fixtures and find the merchandise they're looking for is a start. Creating engaging store displays and paying attention to branding, signage, and lighting will take your business to the next level. VM Works can create an in-store marketing strategy for your location and show you how to to ensure that your customers shop longer and buy more!

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